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Mental Health Care Facility

Providing Mental Care Needs

Are you looking for a trustworthy mental health care facility in Jackson, MS? Check out Miracle Care Behavioral Health Services. We offer a variety of mental health treatments and programs, such as psychotherapy and partial hospitalization. We also offer outpatient services for children, the elderly, and individuals who are chronically mentally ill.

Organized Mental Health Programs

As a premier mental health institution, we provide patients with comprehensive, highly structured, and scheduled multimodal treatments. These treatments are done with medical supervision and coordination. For partial hospitalization services, we provide structured day programs with treatment plans that vary in intensity and duration, depending on the specific needs of patients.





Get Complete Mental Health Treatments

Have the peace of mind you deserve when you take a chronically mentally ill loved one to us. We provide holistic mental health care services to all patients, including 24-hour emergency care services that provide access to a clinician. Our lines are also open for crisis intervention. Call us for inquiries. You may also get in touch with us using the handy contact form. By simply providing your contact information along with a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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